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Excerpts from “The Superstar Hairstylist”

Book cover, front onlyFor those of you who want to know a little more about the book before buying,   here are the chapters:-

  1. What business are we in?
  2. Finding New Clients.
  3. Client Retention.
  4. The Consultations.
  5. Add On Sales.
  6. The Client – Your Student.
  7. Referrals.
  8. Retailing
  9. The Exit Consultation.
  10. The Male Client.
  11. The Follow-Up.
  12. Planning and Execution.

Some of the book is aimed at the salon owner while some addresses the needs of the individual hairstylist.  However, even if you never plan to open your own salon if you know a little about the business and what the salon owner has to do in order to be successful, then your life as a stylist will be more productive and successful.  All cosmetology students need to know this information.  It is a great addition to the rather dry “Salon Business” chapter in your text book.


Be the Super Star Hair Stylist in Your Salon.

marion_pic2Being a hair stylist is not easy.  You are on your feet all day, dealing with clients who want to look their best and it’s your job to make that happen!

We love the hair part, it’s what we came into this industry to do, however, when it comes to actually being a success, making a great living and being able to afford to do the things we love to do outside the salon, then that’s another story.  Many great hair designers leave the industry disappointed and broke because they do not have the tools that will lead them to success.

The Superstar Hairstylist book will give you those tools.

Learn how to create business, how to give great consultations, how to make each guest experience unforgettable and get those rebookings, retail sales and the referrals that will keep your appointment book filled.

Go here and buy this great book.  Easy to read and understand, easy to do!  Be the success you deserve to be.