Excerpts from “The Superstar Hairstylist”

Book cover, front only

For those of you who want to know a little more about the book before buying,   here are the chapters:-

  1. What business are we in?
  2. Finding New Clients.
  3. Client Retention.
  4. The Consultations.
  5. Add On Sales.
  6. The Client – Your Student.
  7. Referrals.
  8. Retailing
  9. The Exit Consultation.
  10. The Male Client.
  11. The Follow-Up.
  12. Planning and Execution.

Some of the book is aimed at the salon owner while some addresses the needs of the individual hairstylist.  However, even if you never plan to open your own salon if you know a little about the business and what the salon owner has to do in order to be successful, then your life as a stylist will be more productive and successful.  All cosmetology students need to know this information.  It is a great addition to the rather dry “Salon Business” chapter in your text book.


Being a hair stylist is not easy.  You are on your feet all day, dealing with clients who want to look their best and it’s your job to make that happen!

We love the hair part, it’s what we came into this industry to do, however, when it comes to actually being a success, making a great living and being able to afford to do the things we love to do outside the salon, then that’s another story.  Many great hair designers leave the industry disappointed and broke because they do not have the tools that will lead them to success.

The Superstar Hairstylist book will give you those tools.

Learn how to create business, how to give great consultations, how to make each guest experience unforgettable and get those rebookings, retail sales and the referrals that will keep your appointment book filled.



What Business Are We In?

Here are some scary facts about our industry.

Approximately 80% of new salons close their doors within the first 2 years of operation.

Why?  Not because they do not know how to cut hair or do a great facial or produce a fabulous set of nails.  It’s because they do not pay attention, nor take the time to learn the “business” of beauty.  They don’t know how to hire the right person, mentor and maintain a great team and they don’t know how to create and deliver a consistent guest experience. (Notice the word “consistent”.)

stockxpertcom Hands cutting hair

Remember, you may be able to give the greatest haircut, the most beautiful color or an updo that will “Wow” your peers.

However, if you don’t have a client in your chair, it is totally irrelevant.

It just doesn’t matter.

This book is all about putting clients in your chair and money in your pocket.

Chapter 2

Finding New Clients.

No matter how long you have been in the business you should never stop marketing yourself and finding new clients.

The average length of time that a client will stay with you is approximately 5 years.  Clients get bored, they move, they die or are approached by an enterprising new stylist and asked to try a new experience and a new look.

Think about your appearance when you are out looking for new clients.  Remember that people buy what they see and if they see you with bad hair, that’s what they will think they are going to get.  Always look and dress like a professional.  We are in the beauty and fashion business and we need to look like it.

Chapter 3

Client Retention

Attention salon owners:-   This is the most important statistic in your salon.  You should make it your business on a monthly basis to know exactly what each of your team members’ percentage of new clients come back to you.

Why do people leave?

Here are the most usual reasons:-

  1. Bad service.
  2. Salon cleanliness.
  3. Stylists who don’t listen.
  4. A bad technical service.

As an owner it is your job to clearly communicate to your team exactly how you want things done in your  business. By having everything in writing it solves the problem of the employee saying “I didn’t know that”.

Chapter 5

Add On Sales

If you are a stylist who only does what is in the book, then you will not make the money you deserve, nor will you be highly successful in your career.

Author’s Note: Learn how to turn that $50 appointment into a $150 appointment by having your client tell you her hair problems!

stockxpertcom_Money with question mark

Chapter 6

The Client – Your Student

Listen up stylists, your clients did not come in for a conversation, or to hear about your life.  When the client is in your chair, it is all about them, and you need to teach them everything they need to know in order to look after their hair and make it look great every day.

By the time you have finished the styling phase of her visit, your client should be confidant that she can make herself look great every day.

Author’s note:  Your clients want to look great every single day, not just when they leave the salon.  Make sure they have the knowledge to do that.

Chapter 7


How do you get referrals?

You ASK for them!

Client referrals are an extremely important factor in business building and salon owners need to track how many referrals each stylist has

Author’s note:  Always reward the client who sends you their friends and family.  The value of new clients is huge!


Chapter 8.


Believe it or not, all that product in your salon is not there to look pretty or fill the shelves!



A few products on a shelf will not generate retail business.  Learn from the pros, act like the pros.

Resolve now to make retailing a high priority in your salon and a requirement of every team member in your business.

So how do you do this?

It’s called a “SYSTEM”.

In order to have a high impact  retail business you must look like a retailer and give those messages as soon as the client enters the salon.

Author’s note:  The words “I’m an artist, not a salesman, should not live in your vocabulary.  Artists starve and the good ones only become famous after they die.  If you can sell someone on a $200 set of foils, then you can sell them on a $15 bottle of shampoo!

Chapter 9.

The Exit Consultation.

What?!!! Another consultation.

Absolutely, but this will be the most productive last few minutes of your client’s visit to you today – and every day –and with every client.

New Client Pic #1

If you sit back down with your client.  Once again, in the same position that you had during the initial consultation and check in with her, not only will you impress her, but you will get the retail, the rebooking, the referrals and you will retain the client.

If you sit back down with your client.  Once again, in the same position that you had during the initial consultation and check in with her, not only will you impress her, but you will get the retail, the rebooking, the referrals and you will retain the client. 

Author’s note:  In the book you will find the questions to ask in order to complete the service.  Once again – if you don’t ask, you don’t GET!!!

Chapter 10

The Male Client

You may have realized that most of this book has been referring to the clients as being female.

Do not ignore, nor underestimate, the importance of developing your male clientele.

Hairstyles for men have, once again, become “groomed”.  Gone are the days when many men wore long hair which was cut a couple of times a year.

Donald Trump bad hair day

Author’s note:  That doesn’t apply to everyone!!!

Men, as do women, appreciate service and are never averse to paying for a better service.  It’s all about value.

Once you have attracted a good male clientele you can expect a steady income with great rebooking and loyalty.  Market to them, promote to them and create an experience for them which is every bit as luxurious and pampering as you treat your female clients to.

Chapter 11

The Follow Up.

It is essential to follow up with every new client to let them know that you are grateful for their business and that they are important to you.

If you wish to make a change to your service or wish to add a service, survey your client to ask how they will feel about it.  Sometimes we make a change without thinking about how the client may react.  Here’s a great example I was given.

Author’s note:  Go to the book and read how this great salon did it and what the results were.

Important point:-

It doesn’t matter what we think is appropriate for the client.  It’s what the client wants. 

That’s why we are in business!

Chapter 12

Planning and Execution

Are you truly getting what you want from your career?

Are you earning what you would like to earn?

Definition of Insanity:

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

If you carry on doing what you have always done, you will get what you always got.

It’s time for a change!!!

Author’s note:  In working with hairstylists and salon owners everywhere, many are well educated yet are afraid to implement the great ideas and sound business systems that they have learned about.  This book makes it easy.   Go HERE now and buy it, do it, and be the success you know you want to be.